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Why it is Important to Know and Update Your Net Worth

By: Brittany B. Manning, CPA, CFP®, Director of Wealth Management Services

Most of us know that net worth, or a personal financial statement, is a report that summarizes what we own and what we owe. But why do we spend time updating this report with our advisor and inquiring about assets and liabilities? Knowing your overall net worth is an important piece of the planning puzzle and helps to shed light on your overall financial health. Below are a few reasons we spend time reviewing net worth on a regular basis.

  •  Gives a complete picture of your portfolio. Liquid investment accounts are often only one part of a client’s net worth picture. Ensuring your financial advisor and team know all your assets and liabilities helps to align your liquid investments with your outside assets to form a complete portfolio with proper diversification.
  • Goal setting. Seeing a full net worth report allows for a clearer discussion about your hopes and dreams – for both long- and short-term goals. Without information about all your assets and liabilities, it becomes difficult to have discussions around how you will be able to achieve different goals.
  • Prioritizing savings and debt payments. Detailing loans outstanding is an excellent way to focus debt payments to put your money to work in the most efficient way possible. A complete list of debts and savings, alongside the interest rates and returns on savings accounts, allows your advisor to help prioritize where you should be allocating your savings and cash flows to eliminate debt in the most effective order.
  • Visualizing progress. Regular net worth reviews help to demonstrate progress on your overall financial health over time. As you continue to save, pay down debt, and acquire various assets, you will see a measurable change in your net worth. This helps to keep your financial plan on track and is a great way to realize your progress towards your life dreams.

MCF’s focus on integrated holistic financial planning includes regular net worth updates. Our ongoing planning discussions allow us to continue to guide our clients along the journey of life to achieve all their hopes and dreams. We look forward to seeing you in the coming quarter to discuss your investments with MCF and review your entire net worth picture.


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