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Defined Benefit Plans & Cash Balance Plans

Using analytics and insights, MCF keeps pension plans on a steady path navigating full market cycles via continuous monitoring and assessment of plan progress toward corporate goals.

On a holistic level, an Investment Consultant oversees stewardship and integration of liability and asset analysis working hand-in-hand with the plan actuary for successful pension management. Whether it’s integrating our work with the plan actuary, trustee/custodian or record-keeper, MCF coordinates and integrates fund management into a cohesive partnership for smooth plan management.

Monitoring the fixed income hedge ratio and ratcheting in gains as liability measures improve, MCF’s value is easily quantifiable. We manage the target asset allocation and tolerance bands, re-balancing rules, low variance return correlations, downside risk capture, IPS guidelines, manager performance, plan funding levels, stress test results, and pension risk transfer.  MCF serves as a critical partner in keeping your pension plan progressing toward end state goals, with reasonable expense.

 Fund Selection & Monitoring

Culling the universe of funds most advantageous to your portfolio or plan and benchmarking or reporting their progress through the lens of the Five P’s of Fund Selection.                        

Portfolio & Liability Management

Implementing surplus optimization through liability gap analysis and mean variance optimization. 

Portfolio Risk Analysis

Identifying the drivers of risk within your asset pool in order to mitigate financial/investment risk to your organization.   

Project Based Work

Guiding your organization through the complex landscape of meeting your goals and objectives.