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Institutional Services

Helping you and your organization navigate through the complex regulatory requirements of plan governance and oversight so you can be confident that the plan is well-taken care of.

Defined Contribution Plans

Acting as your fiduciary partner, we serve your organization in ERISA compliance, plan design, investment consulting and employee education through the implementation of our Fiduciary Fitness Program.

Defined Benefit & Cash Balance Plan

Analyzing the risk drivers, plan cash flows and the liability gap analysis of your pension portfolio in congruency with your actuaries and plan providers, to develop a customized strategy based on your objectives and risk tolerance.

Endowments, Private Foundations &   Health Trust

Maximizing investment returns through portfolio construction that is crafted around the fund’s intended purpose.

                                                                                                                                                                               We utilize deliberate methods and unique practices to serve our clients objectively and with transparency.

Fund Selection & Monitoring

Culling the universe of funds most advantageous to your portfolio or plan and benchmarking or reporting their progress through the lens of the Five P’s of Fund Selection. 

Portfolio Risk Analysis

Identifying the drivers of risk within your asset pool in order to mitigate financial/investment risk to your organization. 

Portfolio & Liability Management

Implementing surplus optimization through liability gap analysis and mean variance optimization.

Target Date Fund Analysis

Customizing a glide path for your organization based on your plan demographics, providing you with an insight to action plan, instead of forcing your plan into a pre-determined retail model.

Project Based Work

Guiding your organization through the complex landscape of meeting your goals and objectives.

OCIO Searches

Streamlining your search and saving time and valuable resource