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Not-For-Profit Organizations

MCF Institutional is uniquely qualified to meet the institutional investment needs of not-for-profit organizations. We offer industry-leading services in holistic risk analysis and management and treasury and board level investment expertise. 

We are sensitive to, and strive to gain a deep understanding of an organization’s philanthropic mission, business nuances and financial constraints. By doing so, we can help our clients understand and avoid the unintended consequences of evaluating each of their asset pools, or investment managers, in isolation rather than holistically.
We are cognizant of the importance of capital structure and funding required, and the reliance on outside funding, to operate successful not-for-profit organizations. The growing significance which balance sheet and income statement structure have in these organizations requires portfolio and liability management, which should be integrated within the enterprise’s risk capacity. Our full-service consulting practice understands these constraints and can assist organizations in maximizing results for various asset pools. We can assist with the following types of funding accounts and organizational needs:

  • Board designated reserve funds
  • Operating pools
  • IBNR pools
  • Depreciation funding accounts
  • OCIO searches